How Should I Care For My Leather?2019-11-28T07:38:47+00:00

~ Leather products are not meant to last forever, but how you care for them will ensure you get the most and best use of them.

~ Store your leather earrings as flat as possible in a place with little to no moisture.

~ Gently wiping with a damp cloth can help to clean the leather, but be careful with how much water you use as it may discolor the lighter leather.

~ When traveling, you will want to store them as flat as possible. A great option is to save the card and box from shipment and use those as a way to keep them safe and pristine in your luggage!

Do you accept wholesale orders?2019-11-28T07:33:04+00:00

We do also accept wholesale orders from stores and boutiques! For wholesale prices and info., please email [email protected]!

Do you accept custom orders?2019-11-28T07:32:44+00:00

We are happy and eager to discuss any potential custom orders through [email protected]! We strive to do our best to fulfill special requests, but cannot promise any and all will be possible.

Do you have a return policy?2019-11-28T07:32:24+00:00

We want to make sure that each costumer has the best experience possible. Especially after the holidays, we recognize there may be a lot of customers reaching out with this question. Any and all questions related to returns and refunds can be directed towards [email protected].

Do you offer smaller versions of your shapes?2019-11-28T07:31:56+00:00

Yes! Currently our Teardrop, Petal, Joy, and 3D Leaf designs all have a mini option. Sometimes the pattern on the leather is just too large to fit on a mini size, so we do not offer some leathers in a mini size. This is a rare occurance. Feel free to reach out to our customer service for a quick response on questions regarding sizes! Email any inquiries to [email protected] .

Are your earrings made of genuine leather?2019-11-28T07:31:32+00:00

Yes all of the leather we choose is genuine cow or deer hide leather. We are careful to choose leathers that are sturdy and firm, not too thick, and not too thin!

Do you currently offer real gold or sterling silver hooks?2019-11-28T07:31:05+00:00

We do have both as options for a small up-charge. We have our standard metal hooks (nickel-free) as our default because we want to maintain the more affordable options for you all!

Do your hooks contain nickel?2019-11-28T07:30:42+00:00

Our hooks are nickel-free!

Can the subscription box pair be switched out on any given month when we don’t like the pair that has been previewed?2019-11-28T07:30:17+00:00

The subscription box pair is a preselected pair and may not be switched out. We always choose a pair that has not yet been released so that there is no risk of repetition. A great option if the pair isn’t your style is to pass along the pair as a sweet gift to a friend! You may also unsubscribe at any time and also sign back on at any time. The subscription MUST be canceled before midnight of the 1st of the month.


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