First of all, it is a privilege being able to support you as a business owner.. In just a couple of sentences, could you describe the mission behind Bomarie Boutique?

“Bomarie” – Growing up my dad called me “Bo”. Spending time with my dad as a child was always a learning experience. My dad is a go-getter and he has a thirst to provide so he was always busy doing something, building something, or learning something that would help him be successful. My dad instilled a major sense of hardwork in me. He showed by example that it doesn’t matter what cards you’re dealt – you can do anything you want if you put in the work. “Marie” is my middle name that I share with my momma. My mom has always encouraged me to be authentic in all aspects of my life: relationships, friendships, faith. Through example, my mom showed me self-love and confidence in my skills and talents. I mashed the two together to create BOMARIE. With the desire to learn and true authenticity instilled in me by my parents, I learned what was important to me as an individual – creativity and self-confidence. BOMARIE has the goal to encompass everything stated above. It is my goal to inspire women to find their confidence and inspire creativity through authenticity.

Tell us a little about your home life:

My husband, Layne, and our two pups, Maverick and Maddox, live in Kearney, NE! We absolutely love living in Nebrawak and will most likely be NE residents for many years to come. Layne and I share a love for adventure, especially in the mountains, so we often escape on weekend trips when we get the chance. We also share a passion for entrepreneurship!! We recently finished our first home renovations and are in the final stages of launching a transportation business. Layne and I LOOOOOVE scheming up new business ideas and we’re always ready to support each other in everything we do.

What 3 things do you value most in this life?

  1. Adventure: Let’s be real – life is an adventure. But being a type 7 enneagram, I crave adventure. I feel so inspired and refreshed after exploring new places and trying new things. Adventure sets my soul on fire and it doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip. Something as simple as a weekend trip can give me a complete re-fresh. Escaping the norm and adventuring out of my comfort zone is so important to mee.
  2. Family: My parents + Sis + Bro are my EVERYTHING. We have such a unique bond and they always leave my cup overflowing.
  3. Growth: In all aspects of life, I value growth. There is always room to grow and/or help others grow. I am constantly committed to growing into the best version of myself and helping others do the same.

What is your favorite piece of feedback you’ve ever received as a boutique owner?

To be myself. I think at first it was so hard to navigate because I was playing the comparison game, but in reality there was nothing to compare! In order to commit to the mission behind Bomarie, I had to commit to being myself. Voluntarily being vulnerable is scary, but if I’m not being myself out of fear, then I’m losing out on women I can inspire.

If you had to pick one piece in your collection as your favorite, which would it be?

Probably the first four items that I launched Bomarie with!! This boutique was a dream I had on paper for months. I had worked with a business coach and had a solid business plan, but taking that leap is SCARY and quite frankly – I didn’t believe in myself (biggest mistake you’ll ever make). One day Layne looked at me across the kitchen island and said “I want you to start Bomarie.” That day, I ordered my first four pieces of clothing and two weeks later I launched Bomarie. Without his support, Bomarie would probably still be just a heading on a Google Doc. Those first four pieces of clothing represent SO much to me.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to face since opening Bomarie?

Learning how to be a business owner!! There is always something to be done or a new skill to learn. Since launching Bomarie, I have been the following roles: web designer, buyer, accountant, order shipper (is that a word?), stylist, social media manager, model, photographer, graphic designer – you get the point. I love learning all of these new skills, but it’s definitely a challenge.

What can we expect from Bomarie in the next year?

Community!! This is a huge part of Bomarie that I can’t wait to build. I want to have a positive space for all my Bomarie Babes to connect + share allllll the outfit inspo. 😉

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